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Our Services

Our Services
At Linka Howe Law Offices, our legal professionals offer a broad range of services.  Click on the links below to explore our offerings.
Contract Law

A contract is an oral or written agreement between two or more parties which is enforceable by law.

Some contracts are required by law to be in writing, such as contracts with respect to real property - land and buildings.

It is always best to have any agreement set out in a written contract so that all parties to the contract understand as fully as possible their different entitlements and obligations.

A lawyer who prepares a written contract for a client endeavours to cover as clearly as possible all aspects of "the deal" between the client and the other party or parties to the contract.  The lawyer envisages numerous situations or problems that might arise and covers them in the contract as fully as possible.  The lawyer’s goal is to ensure that the resolution to any conflict that later arises will be found in the terms and conditions of the contract and the parties will not have to resort to expensive court proceedings for a resolution.

Our lawyer is experienced at drafting contracts applying to a wide range of human activities. Some examples are purchase and sale of real estate, family law contracts, employment, insurance, the furnishing of a range of services, such as medical, legal, engineering, architectural, painting, construction, education, loans, etc.  They can also help in interpreting contracts in situations where conflict or differences have arisen between the parties. It is always best to resolve situations without incurring the expense of resorting to the courts.

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